Operators of the GB3ZZ amateur television repeater station
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BATC - The British Amateur Television Club.

This is the World's biggest amateur television society and  was founded over 60 years ago. It produces a magazine called CQ-TV which is entirely devoted to television topics, from home construction to studio production. CQ-TV is free to all members and is available in printed or electronic (PDF) formats.  BATC also run the video streaming system which you can see in operation on the GB3ZZ page on this site.  They also stream pictures from several other repeaters and  directly from club members.  You can find out more about BATC at their web sites:
www.batc.org.uk for general  information about the Club,
www.batc.tv for live video streams and
www.batc.org.uk/cq-tv/ for details of  CQ-TV magazine and archive of past copies.
Camsecure  CCTV

Camsecure are Bristol based providers of CCTV equipment, software and systems.  They provided some of the equipment used at the GB3ZZ site.
Their web site is: www.camsecure.co.uk.
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Visit the site at www.atv-projects.com