Operators of the GB3ZZ amateur television repeater station
Chairperson Viv Geen
The Severnside Television Group Commitee.
Viv, G1IXE is the chairperson of the group and is in overall charge of all club operations including membership, purchasing, advertising and media enquiries.

Viv has been known to climb the mast at GB3ZZ when help is required, and was a member of the international contest winning ATV team for many years.
Ivor, G1IXF is the site engineer at Filton.  Ivor sees to all aerials and equipment at the site assisted when required by Ken G4BVK,  Mike G8CPF and Brian G6AUR  who all contribute their time when required to keep the site running.
Shaun, G8VPG is the Groupís Secretary and Treasurer. Shaun is the driving force behind the West of England radio rally after serving for 11 years as the former Longleat rally manager.
John, G7CAR looks after our IT and network which we try our best to keep running 24 hours per day.
And our helpers, to whom we are always grateful.   Volunteers are always welcomed!
Brian. G6AUR
Ken. G4BVK
Mike.  G8CPF